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Print Window 5 Software License Agreement
©2002-2017 Searchware Solutions


Legal Disclaimer

This software is provided AS IS. Searchware Solutions makes no warranties in regards to the use of this software. I have done my best to make sure that this software is bug-free and it should not cause any problems with your computer, however the software is provided on an as-is basis. I am not responsible for any damage or other hardship that is caused in relation to the use of this software. If you do not agree to these terms, DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE! Use of this software is considered agreement to the aforementioned terms.

Licensing Information

Print Window Standard is Freeware. You may use Print Window Standard free of charge with no further obligation except as follows: Searchware Solutions maintains full ownership of the Print Window software. You only have license for use of the Print Window software.

For the first 30 days from the initial launch of Print Window 5, Print Window will operate in Advanced mode. This provides access to additional features and options not available in the Standard mode.

If, after 30 days have elapsed, you wish to continue using Print Window Advanced, you will need to purchase a license to Print Window Advanced by visiting . Purchasing a license to Print Window Advanced will not only give you access to all the great additional features Print Window Advanced provides, it will also help encourage development of future versions of Print Window and other great software from SearchWare Solutions.

if you choose not to purchase a license to Print Window Advanced, then the software will revert to operating in Standard mode.

Print Window Advanced is available with three different licensing schemes:

1. The Single User License allows usage of Print Window Advanced for personal use on one computer only. This license is transferable from computer to computer as long as it is used on only one computer at a time. This license may not be used on more than one computer at the same time.

2. The 10-User License allows usage of Print Window Advanced on up to 10 computers at the same time. All computers must be located within the same dwelling/building/facility. This license is NOT transferable from site to site and does not allow for usage of Print Window Advanced located in two different locations at the same time. If you wish to use Print Window Advanced at more than one site, you must purchase a new license for each site.

3. The Unlimited Users License allows unlimited usage of Print Window Advanced on any number of systems at any location worldwide at any time.

See for current pricing information for Print Window Advanced.


Feel free to distribute this software as you like, with no restrictions, other than that you may only distribute the original archive, and not the individual files contained therein. Feel free to place this software on any software compilation, for-profit or otherwise. The only restriction is, if Print Window is included on a for-profit software compilation (such as those CDs distributed with magazines), please e-mail me letting me know that you are including the software. See for more information.